Heat-resistant materials

Kovex'91 is a official distributor of

"Izomina"SA - P. Trambesh - only producers of mineral wadding products in Bulgaria.

Mineral-wadding insulation slates 50 125 kg/3 100050040 80 mm,

Mineral-wadding insulation robe O 50 100 mm -BSS No.7350-82


Consistence 50 125 kg/3

Heat conductivity  0,038 0,042 W/m C

Fire resistance - class 1

Frames of application up to 650

Fibre diameter   8 12 microns


Polycondensation of use connecting substance FFP gives stability of the dimensions of slates and it improves sharply the quality of the insulation at vertical surfaces.

At the buildings, constructed with heat insulation by mineral wadding, the expenses for heating constantly decrease with 30-40%.

Mineral wadding products - irreplaceable material in building, energetics, ship-, plane-, wagon-building, production of daily and industrial electric appliances.