Kovex"91 Ltd. is a distributor of only producer of tubes, profiles and tapes by high flexible closed-cell structure in Bulgaria -

"Gomaplast" SA - Jambol


hot-noise-cold resist material with excellent technical data in interval from -70° to +105° C


Specific weight gr/cm3 0,095 + 0,007
Thermal conductivity Wm-1K-1 0,0398 a 50°I ASTM335 K cal/h 0,342 a 50° C
Frames of application -70° I d + 106° C
Accoustic insulation dB (A) 33 DIN 52218
Resistance index in a vapour medium 600 DIN 52615
Swelling in a water medium % of the volume 1,5 - 2 ASTM C 1056
Fire resistance I class CSE RF 2/75/A, II class CSE RF 3/77
Stability of the dimension MAX 1,5% after 24 h. at 80° Ņ

"IZOGOMATERM" is a light ålastic insulation material with closed-cell structure, made on basis rubber - polymer compound.

"IZOGOMATERM" is exceptionally steady of a wet and vapour. Its combined heat & water insulation properties does of it   irreplaceable in a insulation of pipelines in refrigeration, residential and industrial building, agro-technics -  for underground and overground installations.

"IZOGOMATERM" is produced in tapes with width to 250 ėė and flexible tubes with length 2 m and inside diameter from 6 ėė to 114 ėė without or with section in length (double shell). Thickness wall is 6, 9, 13, 19 ėė, which permits calculation of optimum insulation according to fluid's temperature and the material of pipelines.

"IZOGOMATERM" gets through slipping on  at construction of new installations and  with adhesive of the double shell  with  special formulated paste "CNX850" at existing installations. The paste is brought easy  with flat brush on the pipe and cut surfaces.





The TAPE for  weather-stripping with big flexible is allocated for fast and easy weather-stripping of windows and doors. The surface on which it is laid carefully  cleans  with fuel or alcohol and it waits to dry up.

The TAPE for weather-stripping gets as that is shown on the figure and this way the tape doesn't put obstacles and doesn't provoke side moving.