Kovex'91 has own outputs for decoration and engraving of glass productions -classes, vases, fruit dishes, candlesticks, ash-trays, and etc., by potassium glass ("potassium crystal"). The class can be colourless - potassium crystal or colour -cobalt, black, green, and etc. The decoration are made by decorators of long standing experience with most varied technics and means with production's aim - uniques by class. Used at the decoration liquid gold, lustres ,paints and fluxes, supplied by leading European companies, are fixed on glass productions with additional firing, which made the decoration ineffaceable.

It's possible and  execution of decoration by request of the client, including ad signs

Exquisite hand-made decorated glass articles are necessity for an interior of each excellent home.


L - lustre P - paint S - small B - transparent

G- gold M - medium  Mt - mat

F - flux - high C - colour


1.vase Anna  - B, L, M h = 18 cm.; Brandy 540 gr.. - B, P; 3.vase Curtsy - Mt, B, T h = 17 cm.; 4.vase Tulip - B, L, S h = 19 cm.;

5.vase Style 31 - Mt, P, G, T h= 22 cm.; 6.vase No.9 - C, P, T h = 22 cm.; 7.vase Anna - Mt, P, S h = 15 cm.; 8.vase Prelude - C, P, S h = 12 cm.; 9.candlestick Madara - B, G; 10.vase Pirea - B, F, S h = 10 cm.; 11.candlestick Nordics - B, F; 12.vase Tulip - B, P, S h = 19 cm.; 13.kernel utensil Silvia - B, G; 14.ash-tray - B, G; 15.fruit-dish Radina - P, F, G; 16.pitcher 1l. - L, G; Daniela champagne  - L, P; 18.sweetmeat box Bel 7 - L, P, G; 19.sweetmeat box  Bel 7 - L, P, F; 20.figure Sparrow - P, G;

21.figure Shark  - G, P; 22. vase Prelude little - P, G; 23.vase Milena 24.vase 1085 25. vase Orion 26.vase Lamber medium 27.vase Lamber little 28.fruit -dish Forget-me-not 29.candlestick Blue small ball 30.vase Pirea little Lora champagne Daniela -Verea Magnolia 34.glassVeronique bouquet 35 glass Tina flute Lora flute Vania apperitif Pilsner 0.4 Vania flute Vania plum 41. glass Pilsner 0.3 Lora champagne Daniela wine Vania flute Vania champagne Vania cognac Svetlin 0.3 Svetlin whiskey Veronique wine Daniela wine Brandy Daniela wine