author Valery Ivanov

The atelier for art of painting is specialized, in it is painted mainly old Bulgarian house, monasteries and other famous places from Bulgaria.The prices for a painting with dimensions 96§62 cm. are about 150 ľ 280 DM/piece, painted on canvas with oil paints, technics - brush, in wood underframe or rolled up


author Valery Ivanov

It's possible the production of reproductions of paintings by famous masters as well as fromá clients photos. The reproduction of the paintings makes by technology by old masters on canvas with oil paints. The prices for a painting with dimensionsá 96§62 cm. are about 150 ľ 280 DM/piece painted on canvas with oil paints, technics ľá brush, in wood underframe or rolled up.




Name/Dimension in ˝ý Name/Dimension in ˝ý

1.Belogradtchik - Kaleto70x51

2.Rodos island 84x61

3.View of Nesebar 69x51

4.Castaways 83x59

5.Italian view 68x50

6.Batchkovo monastery 68x52

7.Tsarevets 69x52

8.Shiroka Laka 51x68

9.Geravna'95 51x69

10.The Old Plovdiv 74x70

11.View of Kotel 51x68

12.Sailer 61x76

13.View of Bogentsi 49x67

14.Rodopian houses 50x67

15.The bay of Naples at night 91x71

16.Greece 68x52

17.View of Geravna 96x60

18.View of Koprivshtitsa 68x50

19.The Old Plovdiv 50x67

20.Geravna - The Old fountain 67x50

21.Ship and sailer 60x81

22.The tenth wave 83x59

23.The bay of Naples 83x59

24.Koprivshtitsa 97x62

25.Sokolovo monastery68x52

26.Batchkovo monastery68x52

27.Geravnaĺ94 ľ The old fountain 69x52

28.Etara 69x52

29.A storm in the sea 75x61

30.Sea 83x60

31.Mill in the field 68x50

32.A rye 68x50

33.Sorento 68x50

34.Morning in the pine wood /Shishkin - 1889 y./

35.The Darialian gorge /Sudkovski - 1884 y./

36.Spring /Levitan - 1897 y./

37.A bog /Vasilev - 1872 y./

38.Rila monastery51x68

39.Silence 50x68

40.Evening in the pine wood /Shishkin - 1875 y./

41.Crows come flying /Savrosov - 1871 y./