The souvenir copies of crypt icons from XIII to XIX c. produced by Kovex'91 Ltd. are unique articles,made over old wood paddings with the technics of old icon-masters. The icons from different schools / Okhrida, Nesebar's, Bansko's, Trevnian, Samokov's, and etc./ are re-created with big accuracy. The original relics are preserves in churches, monasteries, historical museums, icon museums, archaeological and private collections.

Because of the different complexity in the production, cost's grouping only by dimensions is impossible. At determination of the prices are taken into consideration and numbers of re-created pictures, complexity of composition and etc..


Order of icon's prices is:

Small - from 200 t 500 sq. 30-45 USD/piece

Middle - from 501 t 1000 sq. 50-80 USD/piece

Big - from 1001 t 1600 sq. 90-160 USD/piece

Composition's complexity are used coef. from 0.9 t 1.8.

Prices are fixed EXW head-office of Kovex'91 in Sofia, unpacked


At an order of a few number icons by the same type, have to take into account, that will have small unimportant differences in the picture and the colours between particular numbers, in which consists the uniqueness of the souvenir copy. The differences in the dimensions can be and larger in fact authenticity of the dimensions of old wood paddings.