Kovex'91 Ltd. is a private company with two main directions. 

Production of the art products and trade with building insulation materials.

The firm is with affirmed name in the production of art products for the popular customs and interiors - mosaics by  wood, oil painting, icons, hand-made decoration over porcelain and glass, and etc. All these unique and small series are produced in specialized firm work-rooms by working in the firm painters and applied artists, but the copyrights are ownership of the firm. 

Mosaics, paintings, icons


Created by our patent  /¹ 61222 bul. PO ¹ 3/97/ mosaics by wood modules with pictures by Gobelin schemes or free paintings, photos and portraits. The pictures are created by solid wood modules by dry deciduous with the conditional dimensions  3õ3õ8 mm. The mosaics can produce in one ore some surfaces. The products are by eco-materials with guaranteed eternity.


Paintings with oil paints on canvas by contemporary authors. Created in  classic style , as well as  copies of the shown by the client paintings – author /V. Ivanov/ and abstract art of painting – author /I. Nenova/..


Souvenir  copies of crypt icons - /author H. Velikov/, mainly of the orthodox church from the period  XIV – XIX c. The icons are created by the technologies made use of old icon-masters. Orders can create by motifs of the client.

Porcelain, glass, souvenirs



Porcelain sets for food, tea, coffee, cake, fish, hors d'oeuvre, and etc. The sets are hand-painted  with specialized ceramics pigments and colloid gold,   import by celebrated producers. The products are worked up second firing at temperature 700-850° C for stable fix of the decoration. The firm executes orders by motifs of the client for the special occasions as wedding, birth days, anniversaries; but likewise with logos and firm signs and etc. 


Hand-made decoration on productions by glasssets (glasses) for brandy, cognac, liqueur, wine, champagne, whiskey; pitchers; wedding glasses; vases, candlesticks, and other souvenirs. The products are decorated with colour lustres, ceramics paints, colloid gold, fluxes. Original and created by finesse our products by transparent, mat or colour glass give real pleasure of the clients. 

Porcelain figures and souvenirs –hand-made decorated figures of animals, birds, people and etc., produced by porcelain with height from 5 to 40 sm. As souvenirs are produced hand - painted plates for wall, vases, ash-trays, candlesticks, cup-figures (children's and erotic) with  luxuriant hand-made decoration.

Razvitie J.S.Co., in which the owners of Kovex'91 are main shareholders and managers, is specialized producers of hotel's porcelain VITREOUS CHINA, as main articles are: cup of coffee, tea, cappuccino, dishes  /17, 19. 21, 23, desert/dinner/ and soup plates/, pizza plates, bowls, ash-trays and etc. The products are with raised mechanic property. We offer and utensils for direct preparing of dishes. All of these products are suitable for machine wash and excellent thermo-accumulation – lasagna, earthenware dish, flambes and etc. The products are produced with unleaded glazes (white and colour), smooth or with transfer. It's possible a decoration with "LOGO" of the client. 

  Building Insulation materials



Building insulation materials.  Firm's activity in this area consists in a trade with heat and noise resistant  products by mineral wadding and insulation tubes and profiles by microporous rubber. As shareholders in the plants for the production of these products and authorized theirs distributors  we can give up optimum for delivery.