author Irina Nenova



In the atelier are created author-paintings - flowers, still life, body art and abstract art of painting by themes of the life and love. Author - I. Nenova - winner of some national awards. Technics - brush, pallet, fingers. The paintings are on a canvas with oil paints. Some abstract painting as an exception are painted with water-colour tecnics.The prices of paintings with oil paints with dimensions 80õ64 cm. are from 150 to 350 EUR/piece.


Name/Dimension in ñì Name/Dimension in ñì
1.”Late autumn in Himalayas" 80õ64 46.”Love fire" 80õ65
2.”Winter in Himalayas" 80õ64 47.”At dawn" 60õ75
3. “Chrysanthemums" 80õ65 48.”Fire chariot" 80õ65
4.”Cosmic dance" 80õ64 49.”Return after storm" 60õ75
5.”Desire" 80õ64 50.”Tango AMORE” 80õ65
6.”North Greece" 80õ64 51.”King's herald" 60õ75
7.”Monastery tower" 60õ50 52.”The old ballerina" 60õ75
8.”Secrets of ancient priest” 60õ73 53.”Regatta" 80õ65
9.”Prayer" 60õ73 54.”Magic port" 64õ52
10.”Desire wall" 91õ65 55.”Antique theatre" 64õ52
11.”Eyes" 54õ65 56.”Before the cell of solitude" 80õ65
12.”Passion cafe" 54õ65 57.”Woman with hat'' 60õ50
13.”Vitality life" 60õ50 58.”Still life /peaches and candlestick/ '' 80õ65
14.”The river" 60õ50 59.”Sunflowers'' 80õ65
15.”Sadness" 60õ75 60.”Hussar attack'' 61õ46
16.”Sacrifice" 72õ60 61.”Horses'' 61õ46
17.”Spring bouquet /lilac, tulips, daffodil/" 80õ64 62.”Before Eden Gate" 61õ46
18.”Ghosts home" 60õ75 63."Passions in convent" 61õ46
19.”Stone flower" 72õ60 64.”Port of magics” 55õ46
20.”Secret's of night" 72õ60 65.”Before duel'' 55õ46
21.”Chrysanthemums with squill" 80õ64 66.”Passion's town' 55õ46
22.”Flower's girl" 80õ64 67.”Summer bouquet'' 80õ65
23.”Girl in desire's jungle" 80õ64 68.”Musicians" 46x61
24.”Hissar Capia - Plovdiv" 60õ50 69.”On the brink of family life" 46x61
25.”Lively bouquet" 80õ64 70.”Musical academy" 46x61
26.”White roses" 80õ64 71.”Field flowers" 65x81
27.”Passed passion" 65õ54 72.”Cyclamens" 60x73
28.”Apple of discord" 60õ50 73.”Violet and squill" 60x73
29.”Night port" 60õ50 74.”Flight in future" 46x61
30.”Daisy" 80õ64 75.”Grow into a man" 46x61
31.”Counterpoint" 60õ50 76.”Jesus Panhtocrator" 50x65
32.”Over a glass of absinthe" 60õ50 77.”Look into life" 50x65
33.”Fertility" 60õ50 78.”Divine love" 46x55
34.”Parisian night" 65õ55 79.”Virgin reverie" 46x55
35.”At the crossroads of life" 61õ50 80.”Love crucifixion" 81õ65
36.”White lady" 61õ50 81.”Dreaming" 65õ50
37.”In monastery" 72õ60 82.”When shadows speak" 38õ38
38.”Hell gate" 65õ55 83.”Fountain of shadows" 38õ38
39.”Relaxation" 80õ65 84.”Cosmic thrills" 65õ50
40.”Fairy haunt" 80õ60 85.”Cosmic dreamings" 65õ50
41.”The old sage" 72õ60 86.”Jealousy" 65õ81
42.”Look in the future" 64õ52 87.”Life's sweetheart" 73õ60
43.”Self-portrait" 63õ52 88.”Sun dance on the Aegean" 73õ60
44.”In the temple of purity" 80õ64 89.”Fairy reverie” 65õ81
45.”White dove" 80õ64